What is your main products please?

What are your main products you are producing please? asian spices,cooking seasoning,cooking sauce,hot spices,healthy seasonings,pot noodle flavours,base sauces,healthy condiments,salad seasoning,meat seasoning,cooking sauces,cooking marinades,savory flavor,hamburger helper flavors,cooking spices,bakery flavor,ice cream flavor,etc.

How to Solve the daily needs of community residents for three meals a day?

How to Solve the daily needs of community residents for three meals a day? Master dishes by simple Chinese sauce, community smart kitchen, only sells daily dishesCreate a smart kitchen for the convenience of the people in the community, providing fresh clean vegetables, semi-finished dishes, finished dishes, one-stop shopping experience storeThe various dine-in and takeaways in the store extend to catering and retail sales scenarios, fully satisfying the various needs of the community and consumers.At the same time, in-store catering services not only meet the needs of consumers for three meals a day, but also increase the related sales of in-store merchandise and online take-out; increase the frequency of customer visits to the store and consumer stickiness.New Fresh + New Retail + New Catering + New Fast Food New Catering ComplexNo washing, no cutting, no seasoningNo cooking foundation, instantly experience the world's cuisine, a cup of dishes, a second to become a chefKitchen life, because of simple Chinese sauceStop scrambled eggs with tomatoes, just a small cup of sauce can make a delicious dish in three to five minutes.Say goodbye to yesterday when cooking for one hour and ten minutes for dinner,Let the kitchen not be confined to monotony, and let the food not be tedious,Cooking is so easy, it's not a matter to fall in love with cookingKitchen life has changed...Solve the daily needs of community residents for three meals a day, and create a convenient home delicacy for the communitySmart kitchen, providing fresh nanny service

Are you really factory ?

CHEFU is a member of the China Culinary Association, a member of the China Condiment Association, a member of the China Hotel Association, and a vice president of the  Shandong Province Culinary Association. It has passed ISO9001 quality management system and HACCP system certification; it has FDA and HALAL certifications.Standardize sauces controls the taste and bring standardize Chinese food to the world

Advantages of the simple chinese sauce

Advantages of the simple chinese sauce It can bring more delicious,more standard,safter,healthier to you,without any additives.It is convenience and will save time for you.No waste for cost and workers.Making the profit in your control.

Can I become to be your agency please?

Exclusive agency for HODIAS&CHEFU Professional manufacturer of flavor and seasoning. Our sales and R&D team have over 26 years’ experience to focus on flavor and seasoning distributor. Based on innovation

How many quantity can you produce every month please?

Professional manufacturer of flavor seasoning,condiment. Our sales and R&D team have over 32 years’ experience to focus on flavour powder,seasoning condiments distributor.We can produce 200MT every day,the vale of producing exceed 0.5 billion in one year.Loading every day.

What certificates do you have please?

Qingdao Hodias Group has two branches companies,Qingdao Hodias Foodstuff Ingredient Co.,Ltd. is special for flavor,such as bakery flavor,ice cream flavor,beverage flavor,meat flavor,barbecue flavor,etc.Qingao Treasures For Cooks condiments Co.,Ltd. is special for seasoning,such as cooking sauces,kfc fried chicken marinade,hotpot seasoning,malatang seasoning,snack seasoning,etc.We have FDA,HALAL,HACCP,ISO,QS,etc.Any other certificates we can make according to your request.

What are your working hours?

What is your working hours please? As usual from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM for instance,but please contact with me anytime,I am always here to solve your problem please.alice@hodiasintl.comWhatsapp&wechat 008615265320347

Where is your company and can I visit your factory please?

Where is your company and can I visit your factory please?Welcome to visit our factoryQingdao Hodias Group-- Qingdao Hodias Foodstuff Ingredient Co.,Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of flavor-- Qingdao Treasures For Cooks Condiments Co.,Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of seasoning. Address: No.319,Liuzhou Rd,Pingdu,Qingdao,Shandong,ChinaEmail:alice@hodiasintl.comWhatsapp&wechat 008615265320347

Are you trading company or manufacturer?

Qingdao Hodias Group We are professional manufacturer with 33 years' producing experience.We are trading company too,we can export by ourselvesWe are exporting to Africa,South Asia,Australia,New Zealand,USA,etc.


QINGDAO TREASURES FOR COOKS CONDIMENTS CO.,LTD. Specializing in various of food flavors and spices (bakery flavor, drinking flavor, ice cream flavors, meat flavors), fully compounded Seasonings (bouillon cube stock seasoning, chicken powder, spicy fried chicken marinade, soup seasonings),R&D, production, and sales of chinese recipe sauce ,dedicated to the standardization and unification of Chinese food, providing a standardized taste solution for large restaurant chains, group meals, and fast food Program. Provide qualified raw materials for large and medium-sized food processing plants at home and abroad. The products are sold all over the world.